Talks and presentations

This page lists a selection of the public technical presentations I have given over the years, with links to the presentation materials (slides, handouts, videos) where they are available. More info on my latest presentations is available on my blog.

Online product demos include. (Wow; these are a blast frmo the past.)


  • Loads of thing!. I really must update this one day đŸ˜€

  • I've had lots of fun running the lightning talks at the ACCU Conference

  • I've spoken at user groups around the UK

  • I've presented at audio developer conferences


  • ACCU 2014: Words in Code [info] [slides]

    • The Worship Collective: Running Effective Rehearsals [slides]


  • ACCU 2013: Becoming a Better Programmer [info]


    • ACCU 2012: Version Control Done Right

    • ACCU 2012: Getting Into Git

    • BCS Newcastle: iOS Development Kickstart

    • Mobile East 2012: Advanced iOS Development

    • The Worship Collective: Keyboard Players Workshop


    • Numark 2011 Florida: iOS Development

    • Numark 2011 Florida: Project Management Sanity With Redmine

    • Numark 2011 Florida: Getting Version Control Right

    • ACCU 2011: Becoming a Better Programmer [slides]

    • ACCU 2011: Manyfestos [slides]

    • ACCU 2011: Coping With Complexity [slides]

    • ACCU 2011: Three Objectionable Things (part keynote presentation) [slides]

    • BCS Edinburgh: iOS Development [slides]

    • Various private presentations and tutorial sessions. Contact me if you'd like to arrange this for you or your company.


    • Software East: iPhone Development

    • ACCU 2010: iPhone Development, a brief introduction [site] [slides]

    • ACCU 2010: Stood at the Bottom of a Mountain, Looking up [site] [slides]

    • QCon 2010: The Craftsman Learns (or Learning the Craft) [site] [slides]


    • ACCU 2009: Legacy Code: Learning to Live With It [site] [slides]

    • ACCU Cambridge: Code Craft


    • QCon 2008: A Tale of Two Systems [site] [slides] [video]

    • ACCU 2008: A Tale of Two Systems [site] [slides]

    • ACCU London: This Software Stuff


    • ACCU 2007 Keynote: This Software Stuff [site] [slides]

    • Numark Industries International Developer Summit: This Software Stuff


    • ACCU 2006: Effective Version Control [site]


    • ACCU 2005: Life in the Software Factory [site]


    • ACCU 2004: Code Craft [site]