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Pete Goodliffe is a programmer, a software development columnist, a musician, and author. He never stays at the same place in the software food chain - his projects range from OS implementation, through audio codecs, to multimedia applications; from embedded firmware, through iOS development, to desktop applications. He has a passion for curry and doesn't wear shoes.

Pete's popular development book Code Craft is a practical and entertaining investigation of the entire programming pursuit. In about 600 pages. No mean feat! It has been translated into many languages. This has been followed up with a new practical "handbook for software development" called Becoming a Better Programmer published by O'Reilly. He writes a magazine column (also called Becoming a Better Programmer), has contributed to several other software development books, and regularly speaks on software development topics at conferences and user groups.

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Visit for my blog. There I write about things software, technological, and personal. Or follow my random twitterings at @petegoodliffe.

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